Hello world, I go by the name Raven Sorvino. Some of you might know me as The Paper Girl or The Leimert Park Player. But wait…
we’re not here to talk about my ex-music career. I’ve started my own business now! “Out Here Girls”: A blog dedicated to the women making waves in a dense sea and rising to the top. Fellas, you’re more than welcome to check us out, no discrimination over here! My primary goal is to focus on the empowerment of all women. Like you, I’ve been fighting my way through a male dominated industry. Not once did I let my gender deter or pigeonhole. In fact, I used it to my advantage without compromising my integrity!

After my mother passed in February 2016, I decided to start a new journey. I began by attending New York Fashion Week later that month. It was my first time and I loved every minute. From there I traveled to London and Paris for the first time ever. Living in Europe opened my mind and soul up, and gave me a broader look of my horizons. I was so scared, but I knew It was the beginning of a whole new chapter in my life.

Now, as the Owner of “Out Here Girls”, I’m ready to share my traveling experiences, views of the fashion industry and my eclectic lifestyle with the world. Along the way I’ll spotlight some of the amazing women I’ve met on my travels that posses the aura of truly being Out Here! Never believe them when they tell you, “it’s impossible”. We have no limits. We are Out Here Girls!

Raven Sorvino🥂