PaperMaShay “Bad Bitch Season”

PaperMaShay “Bad Bitch Season”

Let’s start off June with some real Player Boss Lady Music. Not only is PaperMaShay my good friend but she’s my sister as well. You can also catch her on tour with the Suicide Girls. It’s a must see show. I’ve been three times already and wow 😍 And trust I  will see it again and again as long as PaperMaShay is on that stage 💃🏽

For now hit her SoundCloud link and listen to her new single “Bad Bitch Season” also watch her  IG  promo video below she did while on tour with the Sucide Girls. Follow PaperMaShay on all social media @_Papermashay

Out Here Girls 🥂

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  • I love Shay. I have admired the SGs for almost their entire existence, lol. I saw my first Blackheart Burlesque show 3 years ago and have been going ever since; 2 shows this year! Just can’t get enough. I am a terribly shy person with self esteem issues but these girls are my personal heroes and I actually feel sexy and empowered after leaving their shows. Shay makes the show. Her personality shines through in every performance, this sassy, smart, sexy firecracker ready to go off and it wouldn’t be a show without her! I was very sad when I originally thought Shay wasn’t going to be performing on this Spring’s tour but thankfully she was there! Her, Sunny and Nicky Bricks make the show what it is and if you’re every lucky enough to catch these 3 on stage at the same time? Hold on for something mindblowing! Lol. Love this woman and her girl gang, thanks for the article on her, there isn’t enough and this song is what’s up!! Lol

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