The Gucci Shoot with Steph Ross

The Gucci Shoot with Steph Ross

Location NYC 

Photos shot by Stefen Ross 

IG: _Stefenross_

Here we have a High Fashion out and about in NYC look. Vintage Gucci mixed with the new Gucci styled by myself of course. Saucing it up with the Kurt Cobain all white Acne glasses. Navy Blue vintage Dior blazer I found vintage shopping on Fairfax at the Tried and True Company. Gucci IPhone 6 Plus phone case I picked up at the Gucci store in the Copenhagen Denmark airport on my way to Paris France for a Holiday. Gucci vintage shoulder bag I found years ago on EBay. What a come up. Actually One of my favorite vintage items that I own. Gucci belt and Gucci ballerina sparkle shoes I picked up At the Gucci Store in the Beverly Center mall. Great customer service in there By the way. And there we have folks. Stylish high fashion vintage style look and still keeping it comfy. 




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